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michael daubert  creative director

My passion and enthusiasm has been my driving force throughout my career in the gaming industry.  I am  self driven and dedicated with strong leadership and communication skills.  I have lead small teams- internal and external, as well as recruited and mentored large scale teams of over 80 artists. Working with large global brands like DC Universe and Star Wars Galaxies has challenged and enhanced my negotiation and communication skills for all license holders involved. For more info, check out my latest Resume here.


My name is Michael Daubert, I have been in the Video Game/Animation Industry for over 25 years now. My career started as a 3d Animator at Acclaim Studios for 10 years.  From there I became an entrepreneur in outsourcing, running my own animation studio (The Animation Farm) for over 7 years which led me to being the Studio Art Director for Sony Online Entertainment, overseeing Star Wars Galaxies, and the production and launch of DC Universe Online. After the launch of DUCO I found myself in Dallas as the GM/Art Director for Motus Digital, a motion capture studio. From Dallas I returned to Austin and jumped into Virtual Reality, co-founding Phaser Lock Interactive. I have had experience in all aspects of Game Art, Design development as well, leading teams as a Creative Director and CEO. From video games and mobile apps to animation and now Virtual Reality, I am excited at not just where the technology is going, but to be a part of the creative process to get us there


Below are just a few of the great games I contributed to, from Gears of War, DC Universe Online, Unreal Tournament, and the classic N64 South Park. 


Real Time Motion Capture

Herby the Elf

My rap sheet




Motion Capture

Out Sourcing



"Under Construction...or is it?"

update 2018

Virtual Reality

More cool stuff

Demo Reel 2012

"The role of a Creative Leader is not to have all the ideas, its to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel they are valued."   



-Ken Robinson