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Michael Daubert

CEO/Creative Director


With over 25 years of experience in the gaming and the animation industry, I am exploring new opportunities and challenges that will utilize my creativity, leadership and management skills to support and drive the development of amazing video games. I bring a strong passion and enthusiasm for video games and the gaming industry, always looking to challenge the norm and push the boundaries of what is possible. I am looking for a collaborate environment that supports and encourages cross discipline communication and participation, while achieving the highest goals and production implementations within a project’s design and technical parameters.

Management Skills:

Proven leadership qualities include:

  • Outstanding creativity, communication, negotiation, mentoring, and team management skills.
  • Strong project management, organizational, prioritization, and interpersonal skills that drive positive relationships with colleagues and partners.
  • Skilled in coordinated multiple projects within studio and cross-studio development
  • Proven ability to take multiple projects from concept to completion within scope, budget, and IP holder vision.
  • Strong multitasking ability to adapt to different projects, pipelines, and artistic requirements on demand, while assessing situations, troubleshoot and offer professional and executable solutions.
  • Years of experience in outsourcing and creating outsourcing pipelines.
  • Worked with and managed large global brands like DC Comics, Sony, Lucas Arts, and Disney
  • Scrum/Agile certified



  • Experienced and trained in all aspects of video game art development, specializing in 3d Animation with years of experience in character modeling/rigging, texture mapping, particles/FX, lighting, UI, compositing, cinematics, and motion capture.
  • Proven track record in game production management, design, and development from concept to completion on major game consoles including X-box, PlayStation and Virtual Reality.
  • Design: Shipped 4 titles as Game Director/Creative director, overseeing vision, development and implantation of major game systems over multiple consoles with cross platform support.
  • Software:
  • Max, Maya, Photoshop, Premiere, Encore, ZBrush, Illustrator, After- Effects, Premiere, Unity, Unreal Engine, Project Manager, Perforce, CRM, Confluence, Jira and Basecamp.



Phaser Lock Interactive

CEO/Founder/Creative Director

May 2015-Present

Responsibilities and Accomplishments


  • •Supervise and control all strategic and business aspects of company
  • •Collaborate as vision holder with the Design, Art, Technical teams, validating the consistency and quality of the game and ensure creative alignment between branding, experience, and strategy.
  • •Manage production schedule, budget, and communication with partners including Oculus, HTC and PlayStation.
  • •Lead and motivate team to engage and thrive in developing high quality products while mentoring and helping them grow in personal objectives and goals.
  • •Maintain deep knowledge of the VR and video game market/ industry
  • •Handle all corporate finance and performance management principles
  • •Identify and champion licensing and IP development opportunities
  • •Recruiting, hiring and full HR support for studio members.
  • •Creative lead on all marketing and PR event, videos, and materials.
  • •Raised over 7 million dollars in publishing and investment for project development
  • •Developed and shipped 4 VR titles on Oculus, HTC Vive and PlayStationVR.
  • •Created VR-RTS with full E-sport and cross play support-selected by the World Cyber Games as the first VR title to compete worldwide.
  • Titles
  • Final Assault
  • Twisted Arrow
  • Final Approach and Final Approach Pilot Edition
  • Current unannounced FPS title.


Motus Digital-Plano TX

Creative Director/General Manager for Motion Capture Studio

June 2011-May 2013

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • • Responsible for client communication, contract negotiations, legal terms, and budgets.
  • • Prepared reports, budgets, and forecasts and presented them to CEO.
  • • Accountable for financial management, resource, and quality control of all internal and external projects.
  • • Manage art and creative direction for all projects according to clients’ needs and requirements. Create art production pipelines while managing and mentoring full time and freelance artist.
  • • Coordinates with the product management team to correctly prioritize the delivery of products on a timely mater.
  • • Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations on the Motion Capture stage, assessing the performance of the cast and technical crew.
  • • Ensure quality of recorded motion capture footage while guaranteeing data is properly collected, stored, and delivered.
  • • Rebranded studios overall image and visibility in the entertainment industry. Create marketing and promotional pipeline, implementing CRM to track and increase new client connections. Tripled yearly revenue from 2011-2012.

Sony Online Entertainment-Austin

Studio Art Director Austin/Seattle/Denver/Phoenix Studios

October 2007-March 2011

Responsible for ensuring the artistic vision and development of all projects within the Austin, Seattle and Denver SOE studios including Star Wars Galaxies and DC Universe Online, managing timelines and multi-million-dollar budgets, maintaining the higher quality bars while respecting all brand holders’ interest including Lucas Arts, Warner Brothers, and DC Comics


  • • Ensure the vision and art direction is at the highest quality for all aspects of internal projects. Support Art Directors in leadership, mentoring, and scheduling of project. Work closely with all discipline leadership to ensure timelines while sustaining quality bar.
  • • Create and maintain budgets for all internal projects within the Austin, Denver, Seattle, and Phoenix studios while creating production and staffing plans, production schedules and outsourcing pipelines.
  • • Present to VP of Development and upper management an overall production plan, including budget, schedule, staffing plan and artistic standards for all internal projects while ensuring all questions and concerns from all management and directors are addressed on a timely matter.
  • goals and career potential.
  • • Hired and trained outsourcing team and helped create pipeline that was later mandated for
  • implementation through all of Sony Online Entertainment and Sony studios. Work with production team in developing and maintaining art pipelines for all production and outsourcing needs.
  • • Work closely with Marketing Departments in creating the DCUO Brand and Style guide. Art Direction and approval of all marketing materials and Cinematics.
  • • Maintain and ensure all partners and License holders (SOE, DC and WB) needs and interest are addressed on a weekly timeframe while ensuring the vision and quality best represent all shareholders’ brands.
  • • Represent and maintain a visible presence for SOE within the video game and entertainment industry. Represent studio at various conference and events while participating on panels and lectures including E3 and Comic Con.
  • • Responsible for monitoring and implementing industry trends and techniques, evaluate competitive products, and determines areas to improve or innovate to stay competitive in the industry while controlling budget spending.
  • • Artistic Contribution: Developed and directed over 45 minutes of animated motion comics using external animation studios. Responsible for art direction for all Marketing materials, including posters, website, and media related assets. Worked with Marketing Department and Blur Studios in creating over 8 minutes of rendered cinemas, ensuring all assets and overall direction meet all shareholder needs and vision.
  • The Animation Farm – Animation Outsourcing Studio Austin, TX
  • CEO/Studio Director
  • Jan 2002-2007
  • Team: 12
  • Created Outsourcing Animation studio to meet the growing needs for outsourcing art assets in the Video Game and Animation Industries
  • Responsibilities:
  • • In charge of everyday administration, monitoring cash-flow, tracking project expenses, invoicing clients,
  • paying bills, and managing payroll
  • • Responsible for client communication, negotiation of contracts, legal terms, and budgets.
  • • Create marketing and promotional pipeline, implementing CRM to track and increase new client connections
  • • Create and manage outsourcing pipeline across numerous external studios worldwide, creating communication and delivery solutions for strict deadlines and project budgets.
  • • Training, managing, and mentoring full time and freelance artist for career growth.
  • • Major contributor to video game projects including Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 2004, Epic Mickey, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wizards 101 and Darksiders.


  • Acclaim Studios – Austin, TX
  • Senior Animator/Modeler/FX Artists
  • 1993-2002
  • Projects:
  • VEXX (XBOX, PS2, Game Cube) – Senior Animator/Modeler
  • • Modeled, rigged, and animated in-game and cinematic characters
  • • Animated cinematic scenes for both in-game and rendered cinemas
  • • Created lighting and particle FX for rendered cinemas
  • Turok Rage Wars (N64) – Art Director
  • • Directed 15-person art team, including scheduling and training
  • • Maintained art production schedule and budget
  • • Created art development pipeline and implemented production procedures.
  • • Created in-game models, rigs, and animations
  • South Park (N64, PC) – Senior Animator/Modeler
  • • Created in-game models, animations, rigging, and particle FX
  • • Created in-game cinemas
  • • Promotional and marketing material, including TV Commercial spot
  • Batman (Arcade, PC) – Animator/Modeler
  • • Modeled, rigged and animated in game characters
  • • Created promotional posters and marketing material
  • • Created in-game particle FX


Honors and Awards

Final Assault

  • 2021-NYX Best PSVR Game
  • 2021-NYX Silver Award for Best PlayStation Game Direction
  • 2020-Forbes BEST PC VR GAME OF 2020
  • 2019-World Cyber Games Official E-Sport title
  • 2019-PAX West Best 10 Indie Game
  • 2019-Oculus Connect Game Showcase Selection
  • MISC


2007 Telly Award-Best use of Animation Commercial - MTV and Dizzyworld’s “ROBOTS” commercials

2006 Telly Award-Best Use of Animation Online- Consumer Union “The Drugs I Need”

 2006 Lone Star-TV Emmy-“Biscuit Brothers” PBS special

2006 Austin Game Conference-Speaker “Video Game Outsourcing”

1994-Telly Award- Gold Best Student Animated Film “Road Kill”



Animation Mentor Online Animation School

iAnimate Online Animation School

School of Commercial Art

Minneapolis, MN – Certificate of Computer Animation

Madison Area Technical College

Madison, WI – Bachelor of Art Degree (Commercial Art)